Fælledparken, Copenhagen

Fælledparken is a lovely, centrally located park, and next to Paken. Maybe it's the best park in Copenhagen for a run. We divided 2 parts. The central one, and North across the road. It’s a great run to do standalone or as an add-on the paths along the Lakes. The park has numerous paths, and is a popular running spot. Invariably you’ll see football games going on when running in the park, because there are lot of grass fields there. The Niels Bohr Institute is on the perimeter of the park. It’s about 3.5k around the perimeter paths and 1,7 km around the main part. Fælledparken is home to Parkrun, a free group 5k held every Saturday morning.


60% gravel, 40% grass



Max. Lap Length

1.7 km / 1 mi

Dogs & Walkers

Suggest info




✅ Kinder space