Belvederegarten, Vienna

Another former palace that is now populated by runners and walkers who take advantage of the organized trails and beautiful surroundings. A modest hill and a few steps will keep the blood pumping and the botanical gardens contain a staggering 2,000 types of plants from six continents. Belvedere Park is a masterpiece of landscape design. It is decorated with curly flower beds, hedges, ponds, fountains and sculptures. Especially beautiful garden during flowering in spring and early summer. The palace complex was built for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Built Belvedere based on the Parisian Versailles. The Prince built at first a summer house, that became the Lower Belvedere. Maybe he found it too small, so then built another, larger - Upper Belvedere. Between this 2 palaces he arranged a Belvederegarten. You can see all Viena centre from the upper palace.


90% ground, 10% paving stone

Max. Lap Length

2 km / 1.3 mi

Dogs & Walkers

Suggest info




✅ Parkrun

✅ Night lighting

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