Türkenschanz Park, Vienna

This historical park in the suburban 18th District dates back to the time of the Siege of Vienna and is a beautiful location for a tranquil morning run. It is one of the top 10 parks for a run in Vienna. Joggers can admire the various monuments, streams, and fountains as they make their way around. The park has several playgrounds and sports facilities, a place for playing volleyball. However, you can’t ride bicycles in the park, it is for relaxing and running. There are many squirrels and birds in the park, including arrogant ducks asking for food. There are 4 reservoirs, whether or not connected to each other, so that ducks live, rejoice and breed.


80% ground, 20% asphalt

Max. Lap Length

1.5 km / 0.95 mi

Dogs & Walkers

Suggest info




✅ Parkrun

✅ Night lighting

✅ Kinder space