Domaine de Saint-Cloud, Paris

Everybody knows Tour de France. It's the main cycling event in the world. The official birthdate of sport cycling is considered to be May 31, 1868, when a 2-kilometer race was organized through the alleys of the Saint-Cloud Park This beautiful park is a wonderful running option to the west of the Paris center, and not far from Bois de Boulogne. It has some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. There are wonderful allees and paths for running. We’ve mapped out a good 7km route of some of the park’s loveliest paths. A good place to come for hills and one of the 10 top place to run in big Paris.


50% ground, 30% asphalt, 20% paving stone



Max. Lap Length

6.9 km / 4.3 mi

Dogs & Walkers

Suggest info




✅ Parkrun

✅ Night lighting

✅ Kinder space

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