Nidda, Frankfurt

A tributary of the Main River runs northwest of the center of Frankfurt. There are paths on both sides of the narrow river, heading more than 30 km from Höchst north to Assenheim. This makes for a nice run just outside the city, and the area starts to feel like countryside quite quickly. North of the major road intersection in Rödelheim, there is lovely farmland to look at as well. The full route is very flat. At the southern end, the Frankfurt-Nied S-Bahn station is only 6 minutes from central Frankfurt. There a lot of disserent roads from asphalt ones to gravel and ground roads in the countryside. This long route is perfect for the long Sunday run and makes Nidda river one of the best 10 places for a run in Frankfurt.


70% asphalt, 20% gravel, 10% ground



Max. Lap Length

33 km / 21 mi

Dogs & Walkers





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